12 tips to Stop Headache After Crying

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Experiencing a headache after crying can be trouble. In this blog, we will go deep into effective strategies on how to stop headache after crying.

When the tears subside, the throbbing pain in your head can be issue which makes it even harder to cope with the emotional ups and downs.

I will provide you with valuable tips, home remedies and suggestions to alleviate and prevent this problem.

By applying these techniques, you can better manage post-cry headaches while keeping emotional well-being.

Why do you get headache after crying ?

Crying is a natural release mechanism. But it can lead to dehydration and trigger headaches.

When you cry, your body expels not only emotions but also water and electrolytes. This dehydration can be a potential trigger for headaches after crying, triggering the discomfort you’re already feeling.

I think there are many events happens after you cry or during crying which create headache problem. Before going to the solutions please know what actually happens when you cry.

Stop Headache After Crying

1. Dehydration and electrolyte imbalance

Crying leads to the loss of much fluids and electrolytes, through tears. Tears contain not only water but also salts, enzymes, and proteins. This loss disrupts the balance of electrolytes, including sodium and potassium, in the body.

Electrolytes are essential for maintaining proper nerve and muscle function. Imbalance of electrolytes can trigger headaches.

2. Vasodilation and blood flow

Crying can lead to increased blood flow and vasodilation (widening of blood vessels) in certain areas of the head, including the eyes and forehead.

This can cause a rush of blood to the head, which creates increased pressure and the sensation of a headache.

3. Release of stress hormones

Emotional crying triggers the release of stress hormones, cortisol. These hormones are natural responses to emotional stress. They can also affect blood vessels and contribute to headaches.

Cortisol can cause blood vessels to constrict and then dilate, leading to changes in blood flow that are associated with headaches.

4. Sinus congestion

Crying can lead to increased production of tears, nasal congestion, and sinus drainage.

When the sinuses become congested due to increased tear production, it can create pressure within the head, leading to the sensation of a headache.

5. Tension and Muscle Strain

Crying can lead to tension in the facial muscles, neck, and shoulders.

This tension can cause headaches, especially tension-type headaches. Tension headache is a dull, steady pain felt on both sides of the head.

6. Light Sensitivity

Crying and emotional distress can make individuals more sensitive to light. This condition is known as photophobia.

Increased sensitivity to light can cause or increase headaches. Especially if the individual is exposed to bright lights after crying.

Above all are the scientific explanations about the events that happens when you cry.

Now let’s see some tips and techniques to alleviate this problem of headache after crying.

Immediately stop headache after crying doing these remedies

Stop Headache After Crying

1. Hydration

To cure headaches after crying, hydration is your most straightforward remedy.

Adequate water intake helps replenish the fluids and electrolytes lost through tears and stop headache after crying.

So, the next time you experience a crying feeling, remember to follow it up with drinking a glass of water. Choose hydrating fluids over sugary or caffeinated drinks. Caffeinated drinks increase dehydration and then headaches after crying.

2. Rest and relaxation

After an emotional release, your body try for recovery. Find a silence and tranquil space where you can relax. Sit over there for some time till you feel lighthearted.

You can also lie down, close your eyes, and breathe deeply. Allow your mind and body to fully relax. This will help to stop headache after crying.

Engaging in these relaxation practices significantly headaches after crying.

3. Cold compress (for Immediate Relief)

When you face a headache after crying, a cold compress gives you instant relief and I think is one of the best solutions.

The coldness helps in constricting blood vessels and reducing inflammation. So, it provides a relief from the throbbing pain. Do a simple method. Dip a piece of cloth in cold water and apply to your forehead for around 15 minutes. This will an instant relief in headache after crying.

Trust me. It acts literally like magic.

4. Aromatherapy

Engage yourself in senses.

Engaging in aromatherapy is another wonderful approach to stop headache after crying.

Essential oils like lavender and peppermint have soothing properties that brings calmness to your mind and relief to your headache.

Add a few drops of these oils to a diffuser or mix them with a carrier oil and gently massage your forehead.

5. Gentle neck stretches

When tension accumulates in the neck and shoulder muscles, it creates headache.

Doing simple, gentle neck stretches into your routine gives you relief.

Tilt your head to the side, by bringing your ear close to your shoulder, and hold for 15 seconds on one side. Do it for each side.

Additionally, rolling your shoulders backward and forward can help release tension.

6. Managing light and noise sensitivity

After crying, your senses might become more sensitive. It makes your senses more sensitive to light and noise which makes you vulnerable for headaches.

Dimming the lights and minimizing exposure to loud sounds can prevent your headache from worsening due to increased sensitization.

This sensitivity management can go a long way in headache prevention and can stop headache after crying.

7. Herbal teas

There are certain herbal teas that are used for their ability to lower headaches after crying.

Chamomile and ginger tea, for instance, boosts anti-inflammatory effects that can provide relief. Prepare a cup of these teas and drink whenever possible.

8. Caffeine (use wisely)

Caffeine has a complex relationship with headaches after crying. But coffee for sure will stop headache after crying.

In real, it can constrict blood vessels and reduce pain.

However, excessive caffeine consumption can lead to dependency and trigger headaches. If you’re a regular caffeine consumer, consider gradually reducing your intake to assess its impact.

9. Stay mindful of your emotions

Being aware about your emotions can prevent excessive crying and further headaches.

Recognize when your emotions are deepening and use healthy and conscious ways for expressing it.

Instead of bottling up your feelings, open up to a friend, family member, or therapist who can listen and understand you.

10. Practice stress-reducing techniques

Stress is a frequent trigger for headaches after crying. Crying is like heightened deep emotional stress.

Engaging in stress-reduction activities can impact post-cry headache frequency and intensity.

Activities such as yoga, meditation, deep breathing exercises, and progressive muscle relaxation can equip you with effective stress management tools and stop headache after crying.

11. Over the Counter pain relievers

After employing these remedies, headaches after crying does not stop. You can consider over-the-counter pain relievers for instant relief.

Medications such as ibuprofen or aspirin have anti-inflammatory properties that can reduce headache pain.

Remember to use it in moderate way and consult a healthcare professional before starting any new medication.

12. Consult your healthcare professional

If you find that post-cry headaches continues even after you try above tips and remedies, it’s wise to consult a healthcare professional.

Chronic headaches could indicate an underlying health issue that requires attention.

A medical expert can conduct a thorough evaluation of your condition.


Why do I get headache after crying ?

You get headache after crying due to tension in the muscles present around the eye and pressure in sinuses present in head area.

Is it normal to get a headache after crying ?

It is normal to have headache after crying when it is mild and for short duration.

Why do I feel sick after I cry ?

If you do feel sick after cry, then it is normal. It is just due to dehydration, some tension in eye muscles and pressure in sinuses.

How long should a headache last after crying ?

Headache after crying should last for few hours which is normal. It must subside within few hours, considering no other abnormality.

Is tension headache serious ?

Tension headaches are generally normal having no other serious pathology. But headache occurs frequently and serious, then you must consult your doctor.

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