Why is my throat and chest burning? Here are common causes and home remedies

Why is my throat and chest burning? This is the question many of you might be worrying about. Often this is the common phenomenon, but sometimes can prove very disturbing, irritating and sometimes concerning also. This is a symptom that troubles you, becoming mild irritations and sometimes severe pain.

Sometimes it is so irritating that you wish to get rid of this problem as soon as possible.


Understanding and knowing possible reasons for throat and chest burning would help you to avoid this problem from being occurred. In this article we will explore some reason behind burning chest and throat sensation, so that you would be able to avoid it or alleviate it.

So, if you’re stucked on question, “Why is my throat and chest burning?” keep reading for some valuable information and guidance.

Understanding the causes for why is your throat and chest burning?

1. Gastro esophageal reflux disorder (GERD)


This is the most common reason for why your throat and chest is burning. GERD being the most common cause for throat and chest burning, it is very common to occur this phenomenon easily even in healthy person.

Let’s understand it in some more detailed perspective.

Anatomy for GERD

The part of digestive system involved in GERD plays an important role. For understanding this, we must know the basic anatomy regarding this. It is what it is.

  • Oral cavity- Throat- Esophagus-LES– Stomach.

The food from oral cavity enters in esophagus through throat. From esophagus food enters in stomach through small valve like structure between esophagus and stomach called Lower Esophageal Stricture (LES).

  • LES plays even more important role in all the process of GERD.

This LES acts as one way route for food and liquid to enter in stomach. This is the normal function of LES. But in some cases, LES gets weakened, which make it relax more often.

This often relaxation of LES makes the content in stomach to pull up in esophagus. This stomach content mainly includes the acid from stomach and sometimes food too.

This reflux or re-entry of food into the esophagus happens. Now here the esophagus doesn’t have the system to bear this acid, as stomach do have. Stomach has special mucosal layer of cells which has the capacity to interact with the acidic environment of stomach. So, in this situation you feel the burning and irritate sensation in your throat and chest.

In this way the GERD becomes the leading cause for your throat and chest burning.

2. Inflammation of esophagus (Esophagitis)

Another common cause for your chest and throat burning is condition, called esophagitis. Esophagitis is inflammation of the esophagus.

It is very common cause for throat and chest burning sensation, after the GERD. Actually, GERD is the cause for esophagitis. The acid refluxed in the stomach in GERD condition, causes irritation and burning in esophageal tissues. It causes the inflammation in esophagus.

There are also other conditions that causes esophagitis.

Causes for esophagitis

  • GERD
  • Viral, bacterial infections
  • Food allergies
  • Radiation therapy
  • chemical ingestion

Symptoms of esophagitis

In esophagitis, there could be other symptoms as well.

  • Throat burning (irritation)
  • Chest burning (irritation)
  • Difficulty in swalllowing
  • Sore throat

3. Laryngitis


Inflammation of larynx known as laryngitis. Inflammation of larynx (voice box) also sometime causes your throat and chest to be burning. It is rare cause for chest and throat burning. But causes too much irritation in your throat.

Causes of laryngitis

  • Bacterial infections: Bacterial infections are rare cause for laryngitis.
  • Viral or fungal infection: These are the common cause for laryngitis.
  • Smoking
  • Excessive use of voice
  • Exposure to environment irritants

Symptoms of laryngitis

  • Constant throat pain, especially while swallowing and drinking
  • Horseness of voice
  • Sometimes chest burning

4. PND (Postnasal Drip)

Even if PND doesn’t typically cause a burning sensation in the chest and throat, but the discomfort it causes can be related to the constant irritation.

Postnasal drip is a condition in which the excess of mucus accumulates behind your throat. In normal condition the mucus produced by various glands drips through nose or sometimes mix with saliva. But sometimes this mucus accumulates in the back of your throat.

This accumulation of mucus in throat causes various problems related to throat. Along with throat and chest irritation it may cause other symptoms also :

  • Throat congestion
  • Cough (that bothers you more at night)
  • Sinus infections
  • Ear infections

I motioned earlier that this condition doesn’t necessarily cause your chest and throat burning. But it is definitely the intense throat and sometimes chest irritation that may feel you like burning.

5. Tonsillitis


Tonsillitis is the infection or inflammation of the tonsils. Tonsils are two pads of tissues situated at both sides and back of your throat. This organ helps us fighting against infections. They are sort of defense mechanism of your body. Tonsils builds up the antibodies we require to fight against infections.

But sometimes these tonsils itself get swollen and congested. Though rare but tonsillitis can also cause throat and chest burning. This condition is known as tonsillitis.

Tonsillitis mainly commonly occurs in small children.

Causes of tonsillitis

  • Mainly bacterial infections from streptococcus. These are rare but can lead to severe form of tonsillitis.
  • Viral tonsillitis: This can lead to common, almost 70 % of tonsillitis cases. It is mild form tonsillitis.
  • Common cold

Symptoms of tonsillitis

Other than throat and chest burning, tonsillitis may also cause other symptoms. Such as :

  • Sore throat
  • Throat congestion
  • Fever
  • Chills
  • Difficulty for swallowing
  • Difficulty for drinking
  • Headache
  • Earache

6. Burning mouth syndrome (BMS)

The cause for your throat and chest burning as burning mouth syndrome is rare. It is not seen commonly. Only 2 percent of population estimated to have Burning mouth syndrome.

What is burning mouth syndrome ?

Burning mouth syndrome is an ‘oral pain disorder’. It is characterized by :

  • Burning sensation in mouth cavity, that may be extended to lips, palate inner surface of cheeks sometimes throats too.
  • Burning sensation may accompanied with tingling sensation along with soreness of mouth cavity.

Burning mouth syndrome tend to occur more common in male than in female. In female population, post menopause is the common period in which burning mouth syndrome occurs.

Burning mouth syndrome symptoms

Apart from burning sensation of mouth cavity, there are also other symptoms that may occur. As,

  • Dry mouth
  • Pain in mouth
  • Difficulty in swallowing, food and drink both
  • Change of taste in mouth
  • Burning sensation in throat

Burning mouth syndrome causes

Actually, causes for burning mouth syndrome is not yet clearly know to anyone. But many healthcare professionals found that under certain conditions, burning mouth syndrome appears to be more common. So, the possible burning mouth syndrome causes are :

  • Certain medications
  • Mouth cavity infections, especial fungal infections like oral thrush.
  • Nutritional deficiency
  • Allergies
  • Diabetes
  • Hypothyroidism
  • Irritation causing toothpaste, mouthwashes
  • Some psychological issues such as stress, anxiety also plays important role in causing mouth burning sensation.

Above causes for mouth burning syndrome are just documented from observations of experts. As causes are not well known, sometimes it becomes difficult to treat the problem.

7. Peritonsillar abscess

Peritonsillar abscess is the infection of the tissues around the tonsils. It is the common infection occur as the complication of tonsillitis.

If tonsillitis remains untreated for long, the infection spread around the tonsils which forms there a pouch of pus called abscess. This condition is very painful in which pain may radiate to throat.

Peritonsillar abscess is also known as Quinsy.

Peritonsillar abscess could be the cause for your throat and chest burning.

Apart from this there are also other symptoms that are manifested in peritonsillar abscess.

Peritonsillar abscess symptoms

  • Difficulty in swollowing food and drink
  • Fever and chills
  • Pain in ear
  • Inflammation in mouth cavity
  • Jaw spasm

Peritonsillar abscess causes

As I have mentioned earlier that peritonsillar abscess typically occur as complication of tonsillitis, it is also having other causes also.

  • Chronic tonsillitis
  • Smoking
  • Gum diseases
  • Mineral deposits in tonsils

Peritonsillar abscess is most common in young adults while tonsillitis is in children.

Home remedies for burning sensation in throat and chest

Fortunately, there are some home remedies that you could try to get rid of burning sensation in throat and chest. Let’s discuss them. Adding this home remedies into your daily routine and lifestyle will definitely reduce the incidence of throat and chest burning.

1. Stay hydrated

Staying yourself hydrated reduces the throat and chest burning. Water keeps your mucosal membranes moist for longer duration, which prevents it from burning, scratchiness and irritation.

2. Practicing good posture

Lying down just immediately after your meal will trigger the throat and chest burning. It will cause the GERD. You know that acid from stomach will reflux back into the esophagus and throat which will cause irritation and burning in throat and chest. For this reason, you must maintain upright posture for two hours after your meals. Just don’t immediately keep lying yourself.

3. Eat small and frequent meals

This is the best remedy you can try for your throat and chest burning issue. Keep your meal small and do keep eat frequently. It will help to suppress the acid regurgitation that occurs after digestion process and thus will reduce the acid influx in esophagus and throat.

4. Quit smoking

Even if smoking doesn’t seem much cause for throat and chest burning, it highly causes the throat and chest burning. Smoking actually irritate and cause inflammation in mucosal lining of respiratory tract which may cause irritation and burning in throat and chest.

Let’s wrap it up

At last, there are many possible reasons to why your throat and chest is burning. Acid reflux, respiratory are the most common and possible reason for this.

It is important to consult with a medical professional to accurately diagnose and treat the underlying issue.

In this article I have provided some general information on possible causes, but it is always wise to seek personalized medical advice.

If you have any questions or would like to share your experiences, please feel free to comment below. Thank you.


Why does my throat and chest burn when I run ?

Rapid breathing, increased airflow, physical exertion dries out your mucus membranes and may trigger acid reflux. This overall does keep your throat and chest burn when you run.

Why does my throat and chest burn after taking a pill ?

Dissolution or sensitivity to specific ingredients in the medicine may cause your throat and chest burn after taking a pill.

Why does my throat and chest burn when I cough ?

There is increased friction, pressure and irritation in the respiratory tract when you cough. That makes your throat and chest burn.

Why is my throat and chest dry ?

Your throat and chest may be dry due to dehydration, low humidity, exposure to irritant and certain viral or bacterial infections.

Why is my throat and chest itchy ?

Your throat may be itchy due to allergy, irritation and respiratory infections as sore throat, tonsillitis.

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