Amazing effects of Lemon juice on Menstrual Period ?

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Menstrual period is one of important biological process in human beings. Being everything normal about this menstrual cycle is crucial for any female body to carry out life other life processes in easy way. But many females do experience many abnormalities regarding menstrual period.

One of issue many female faces is dysmenorrhea or painful menstruation. One of the effects of Lemon Juice on Menstrual Period is on dysmenorrhea. Dysmenorrhea is painful period cramps at their peak in those days. About 50- 70% female experience painful menstruation periods at some point in their life.

Unfortunately, there is not any remedy or solution for it other than drug therapy or medical intervention. There is also not enough study done on herbal remedies for dysmenorrhea.

Fortunately, certain studies have explored the use of lemon juice in menstrual period. It is believed that lemon juice or some citrus fruits provide some benefits in painful periods.

This blog entails the relation between lemon juice and the effects of lemon juice on menstrual period or dysmenorrhea.

Lemon juice and Dysmenorrhea: Is lemon juice good for period cramp?

Dysmenorrhea is a painful condition during your menstruation. One can say there is painful and elevated menstrual cramps during those days. In those days there is also incidence of heavy bleeding.

In both the conditions, prostaglandins play an important role in the whole process. Several studies have shown that excessive menstrual bleeding and dysmenorrhea is associated with imbalance of prostaglandins concentration in uterine environment.

Prostaglandins are hormone like substances which are causative agents for inflammation conditions and in other physiologic processes.

Prostaglandins involve in dysmenorrhea are named as F2α and E2 prostaglandins.

These prostaglandins cause the painful menstrual periods altering some processes.

Effects of lemon juice on menstrual period and dysmenorrhae

  • Those prostaglandins attach to the smooth muscle fibers in endometrium.
  • Then there it causes increased uterine contractions.
  • Strong uterine contractions lead to vasoconstriction of blood vessels.
  • This in turn cause inflammation.
  • Prostaglandins also increases the pain sensitization in uterus which leads to painful cramps.

According to research F2α is strong vasoconstrictor which acts on vessels in endometrium causing them to be narrowed.

All above conditions lead to painful abdominal cramps and excessive bleeding during menstrual periods.

Now here comes the role of lime juice or we can say juice of any citrus fruit.

According to expert there has been evidential existence of altered effects of these prostaglandins due to flavonoids present in citrus fruits. This research demonstrated the reduction of intensity and duration of excessive bleeding along with dysmenorrhea, due to the use of citrus fruits.

There are some studies suggesting the use of lemon juice in excessive and painful menstrual bleeding, but all those studies seem insufficient. But in practical view, many women share their experience of this effects of citrus fruits including lemon juice.

Other effects of lemon juice on menstrual period

1. Antioxidant effect

One of the effects of lemon juice on menstrual periods is its antioxidant effect. Antioxidant properties in lemon or citrus fruits juice helps in combating the oxidative process and inflammatory condition in menstrual cycle.

Antioxidants in these fruits helps neutralizing free radicals and reducing inflammatory condition in those days. These process eventually also reduces other menstrual symptoms.

According to research based on effects of lime juice on menstrual period, the metabolites hesperidin and eriocitrin in citrus foods has anti-inflammatory and antioxidative properties. This for surely alleviate many menstrual symptoms, but degree of relief may vary from each individual.

2. Antibacterial effects

During menstrual period vagina is more prone to any kind of infections. Especially candida, bacterial vaginosis, trichomoniasis are common infections women encounter during menstruation. Getting infected in those days complicates the further situations.

The compounds in lemon juice possess antibacterial properties.

These antibacterial properties of lemon juice prevent the growth of these pathogens.

Plus, lemon juice has ph value between 2 to 3 which makes lemon juice more acidic, thousand times more than water. This much acidic environment prevents the growth of disease-causing pathogens.

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3. Delays the period

Lemon juice is believed to be used to delay period. But this effect of lemon juice on menstrual period is not well proven. In old days lemon juice is taken to delay the periods.

The highly acidic ph of lemon juice helps in delaying your period. But the mechanism of how it happens yet not studied or proven. Many women experiences delaying of their periods after consuming lemon juice just before their expected date of menstrual cycle.

It is also essential to take lemon juice in moderate amounts. Excessive consumption of lemon juice will cause other issues like irritations to teeth, gums, throat and over all your gut.

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4. Maintains hydration

Many women face excessive blood loss during menstrual period which significantly lower their fluid and blood volume. This in turn causes electrolyte imbalance, fluid imbalance affecting the normal physiological process and also increases the menstruation symptoms.

Effects of lemon juice on menstrual period also lies in maintaining proper hydration and fluid volume in cells during this crucial period.

Effects of lemon juice on menstrual period maintains hydration

  • Lemon juice increase the fluid intake which corrects the loss of fluid volume during excessive bleeding.
  • Lemon juice is rich in electrolytes especially potassium. Those electrolytes helps in maintaining the fluid volume in the tissues. This decreases the cellular stress which may trigger the menstrual symptoms.
  • Lost fluid volume in body decreases the energy consumption which can increase the menstrual symptoms. Maintaining proper hydration by consumption of lemon juice maintains the energy level in body throughout day which helps to cope with fatigue and lethargy during periods.

Above all effects of lemon juice on menstrual period helps in blood volume regulation, minimizing discomfort, maintain energy levels and overall proper functioning of cells.

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Does lemon stop your period?

Frankly, not really. There is not any scientific evidence from any scientific community that claim lemon could stop your menstrual periods.

Menstrual cycle as a biological process is complicate and interdependent process which involves many factors. To normalize periods, all those factors need to be corrected.

But the good news is that lemon juice could lower your bleeding during periods. Lemon juice has been used to alleviate the symptoms of excessive and heavy bleeding during dysmenorrhea.

What if you use pineapple and lemon juice to stop period ?

Unfortunately, there no scientific study or evidence of effects of what if you use pineapple and lemon juice to stop period. But keeping in mind the nutritional value of both fruit juices, they are dense nutritious and used to keep general health in good condition.

However, if you use pineapple and lemon juice separately, it definitely has some positive effects on menstrual period problems.

We have seen the effects of lemon juice n menstrual period. Next comes the pineapple.

  • Pineapple contains an enzyme called bromelain, which is known for its anti-inflammatory action. This property of pineapple may benefit you in some menstrual period abnormality like endometriosis and PCOS.
  • Secondly, lemon juice and pineapple could create a mixture of dense nutrients. The use of this dense nutrients is reported in maintaining menstrual flow.

However, this blend of pineapple and lemon juice lacks scientific backing.

Final words

While lemon is nutritious and easily available fruit, the effect of lemon juice on menstrual period is less explored and studies, some traditional literature signifies the importance of lemon juice in various conditions of menstrual period. But they are not sufficient to prove the effects of lemon juice on menstrual period.

You also must consider that these effects of lemon juice on menstrual period may vary from individual to individual. Those effects can apply considering all other factors are normal.

In conclusion, the effects of lemon juice on menstrual periods are still largely unknown. Some women claim that lemon juice can help regulate their cycles or reduce symptoms but there is limited scientific research to support these claims.

It is always important to consult with a healthcare professional before making any changes to your diet or seeking alternative remedies. With more research, we may gain a better understanding of the potential benefits of lemon juice on menstrual periods. Share your thoughts and experiences in the comments below!


How much lemon juice to drink to stop period?

It is not sure that lemon juice can stop your periods. But lemon juice could lower your excessive menstrual flow. Try to take it moderately, as overconsumption can cause irritation in your digestive system.

How long does lemon juice delay your period?

It is not sure how long does lemon juice delay your period. But in general, you can take 2-3 days before your expected period.

Is lemon water good in periods?

Lemon water has some good effects during your menstrual period. But the research regarding this still needs to be done.

Does lemon increase blood flow?

There is not any scientific evidence that shows lemon increases blood flow during menstrual period.

Can i drink lemon juice on my period?

Yes. You can drink lemon juice during your periods. In fact, it is healthy drink in those days.

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